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NOW AVAILABLE! A Complete Copy of All The books written, (your own personal toolbox for health and wellness) for just $49.95 hard-copy or $24.95 pdf read-only files. Accompanies all 14 chapters of Ears 2 R Health Auricular Reflexology Certification Program and will complete your personal toolbox of Alternative Healthstyles!


If DOING EARS helps at all, the effects are typically cumulative and progressive, indicating your body knows how to correct the problem and heal itself.


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I'm writing these letters to provide information and education based upon Proverbs 13:22, sharing things I've learned to help my immediate family have greater control of health and wellness.  I know I've said it before, but I'll repeat myself and assure you this information is FYI ONLY and I won't be offended if they don’t read it.  Save the letter just in case you all need to refer to it at some point in the future... 

Tea Time (Click on image to see larger image.)

... Bojenmi Tea (™Egret River Brand, Fujian Provincial Medicines & Health Products). The Chinese pronounce it BOW(rhymes with cow)-JENN-MAY but in the deep south they’ve called it bo-jimmie and bo-jiminy and what does it matter, as long as you drink it!?

I've heard stories about people trying it for so many different things! I don't know what, if any, proof or scientific data exists but my own results lead me to make it my First Choice for virtually every-little-thing that comes up and overall wellness. Our family, my friends and clients will continue to be in unanimous agreement!

Despite the limitations imposed upon the importers and retailers, we’ve seen no limitations on its benefits. I've known people to use it for all manner of conditions, ... Buy letter here:

MSM (Click on image to see larger image.)

... First, what is MSM?? Methylsulfonylmethane, aka organic sulphur.  This is not to be confused with sulfa (likely a trademark), which is a fairly common form of chemo-therapy and one that many people are allergic to, including me.

I’ve come to understand that organic sulphur is one of the largest mineral compounds found in the body of any mammal. It comes from nutrient-rich soil and, ideally, through our food, but there's very little healthy dirt left in this country, and mineral-rich soil is even becoming scarce in the countries that supply our food (after it’s chemically ripened in warehouses). Therefore, we live our whole lives deficient of this crucial compound and experience many, varied symptoms of MSM-deficiency but it's rarely (never?) recognized nor identified as such. ... Buy letter here:

Magnets (Click on image to see larger image.)
Magnets ... My first encounter with these magnets was back in 1998. People who make money on illness had managed to convince me that I was being overcome by a condition in my body to which someone, somewhere, had attached the labels "disease" and "Stage 4 lady-part cancer". Since then I've learned that this condition, identified by the "mutation" of cells in the body clustered in a group large enough to show up via any number of various testing methods designed to make money on illness, is not an illness or disease but rather, a naturally occurring condition in every single body, every single day. Our bodies are designed to effectively eradicate such mutations but because of physical and emotional toxicity, cannot always rise to that task.

I went to Jim and he made me aware of tools I could use myself, to boost my own immune system. One of those tools was the Acu-Band™ 9000 magnets which I utilize to this day... Buy letter here:

Master Cleanser (Click on image to see larger image.)
master clense

Check back for summary..

DOING EARS: Auto-Reflexology™ is OK where you live, my Darling D.J.; but get informed before you touch ANYONE ELSE besides your mamaLoo & auntBoo, my b’scotty, Pop-Pop, DrMimi, or UncaSam, (& the same goes for sisterT, sisterM, Mander, Sandwich, Loo, Boo, & b’scotty too!) The item on this page are nothing more than letters to my grandson (see Proverbs 13:22) and daughters. None of this information has been scientifically or medically evaluated or documented and mustn't be viewed as diagnostic, prescriptive, curative or even therapeutic; rather as gossip, rumors, myths, provided to educate my daughters. My family’s experiences and methods may not be similar to others' and cannot be regarded as a model or protocol. No one can claim, promise, guarantee, predict or even compare results. Or Any individual choosing this information for self-care accepts all results or lack thereof with forethought. If copies are made to educate others, be sure this is included! For details, pastoral counseling, a complimentary preview, or private consultation, please visit www.DoingEars.com, call 503. 421. 1227 or email help@doingears.com All maps and graphic designs Used in THE D.J. LETTERS© Or by Ears 2 R Health Alternative Healthstyles™ Or within DoingEars© Auto-Reflexology™ for Families Are trademarks and copyrighted by T# Email doers@DoingEars.com